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Why do we start with a KISS print? Would you build a house without the blueprints? Would you take a cross-country trip without a map? Would you visit the doctor without understanding which one? A KISS print reading allows diving into areas of the subconscious and the conscious. First with the science, using my skills and education to a bit of ancestral WOO spanning three generations. That is the power of a KISS! But are you listening?

Are you a little unsure how exactly a single KISS can change your life? It is not just the partner! My grandmother knew this. My mother did too. And now, my life’s mission is to provide others with the clarity of purpose they desire—all from a KISS.

Get Lightning Clarity To Level Up Your Life!

Miracles Happen, lives change, love spreads, and beauty evolves! With the combination of ancient arts, psychology practices, and a dash of magic, Dr. Miranda decodes your life’s journey, beginning with the power of your KISS.

Got Questions? Are you at a crossroads with work, home, or in a new relationship? Do you need guidance about a major decision you face? Are you sitting on the fence wondering where to go from here? The Official Kiss Print Reader has several options that will help you get your answer in one reading.

Get Answers! When you need your Kiss Angel to help you FAST, set up a private consultation for a kiss print reading. To receive instant guidance and clarity on your life’s biggest challenges, book a one-on-one personal reading.

Be Ready! Within one session, you’ll leave with a road map, giving you a sense of clarity and hope. You must be ready to invest in yourself at the highest level emotionally, energetically, and strategically. Be prepared to go deeper than ever before to receive your action plan.

See Results! The results of your reading are ultimately up to you: what you share is up to you, connecting with your angels is up to you, and what to do next is up to you. But you will be going forward with a blueprint to help you build your best, most prosperous life.

Why Dr. Miranda? With a Doctorate in Divinity and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Dr. Miranda ensures a connection with the Body, Mind, and Spirit. While the forensics of a kiss print is science, the interpretation offers the lasting experience of a First KISS. 

Interactive. Plus, proprietary interactive Tarot Tells and Kiss Whisper Oracle cards reveal the depth of the kiss print. Holistically, Dr. Miranda brings the allure of a kiss print and the lasting memory of a magical first kiss. 

Proven Results. A trusted kiss print expert and celebrated intuitive with over two decades of experience, Dr. Miranda has completed more than 10,000 accurate lip print readings to date. As The Official Kiss Print Reader, for years, she’s been commissioned to interpret the kiss prints of celebrities including Karina Smirnoff, Gilles Marini, Ian Ziering, Patti Stanger, and Christine Chiu. Recently, she was featured as the lipstick reader for the Housewives of Beverly Hills, whereupon Garcelle Beauvais sought out Dr. Miranda as her Spiritual Advisor. 

Expanded Assistance. Now by popular demand, Dr. Miranda has opened her private practice to serve all ages, genders, and walks of life. Through her education, experience, and your kiss print, Dr. Miranda leads you to the best life of your design… all on your own terms.

It's In The Cards

Are you ready to shuffle the deck of life?

Let's Explore Together!

kiss whisper angel
Angel-Guidance From the Divine
Kiss Whisper Love
Love- Find A Meaningful Romance
Kiss Whisper Decision
Decision-The Mastery Of Balance
Kiss Whisper Relationship
Relationship-Stay, Go, Or What's Next?
Kiss Whisper Career
Career-Creating Workplaces That Thrive
Dr Miranda and Gwyn Family
Family-Loving Relationships That Work

We Can Assist In The Following Areas:

Dr. Miranda Consultation
Ancestry DNA | Affirmations | Archetypes | Astrological Natal Reports | Business Coaching | Career, Work, Finances
Dr. Miranda Divine Connection
Cellular Memory | Clearing of Negative Energy | Connecting to the Divine | Conversation with Angels | Family Matters | Grief & Trauma
Dr. Miranda Oracle
Guidance from Spirit Guides | Intimacy or Lack Thereof | Life Coaching | Oracle Connections | Understanding Dreams | and more...

Unseal Your KISS!

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Interactive Analysis, Healing, and Premonition

Hi! I’m Dr. Miranda...

The Magic of Your Kiss Print: As the founder of the Official Kiss Print Reader, I demonstrate the magic of a kiss through my interactive readings. I’ve become one of the most sought-after lip print readers and offer a unique, holistic approach with proven results based on the anatomy and energy of a kiss. With the power of your KISS print, I’ll astound you with my affirmative and accurate insights, uplifting readings, and spot-on predictions. 

Kisses Through Time: I am a third-generation clairvoyant. The fourth generation is ethereal with the passing of my daughter. And the fifth generation is growing strong with her daughter, my granddaughter. Introducing Gwyndalyn Rose, who continues the legacy of the Official Kiss Print Reader. 

Every Kiss Shares A Story: Each lip print has its own tale to tell, and I use them to decode why we are the way we are and what’s next in our lives. 

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Kiss Whisper One-on-One
One-on-One Reading
Do You Need Personal And Professional Guidance?

Are you at a crossroads with work, home, or in a new relationship? Do you need guidance about a major decision that’s coming up? Are you sitting on the fence about where to go from here?

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couples kiss
Couples Tandem Reading
How Compatible Are You And Your Partner?

Dive deep into your relationship for insights and more. Find out if you and your love interest or partner are soul mates, best friends, or a recipe for disaster. But have no fear - opposites often attract.

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Kiss Whisper Career
Natal Chart Reading
What Is The Significance Of The Day You Were Born?

Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is alignment of the stars at the moment you were born. The symbolism of the planets and their positions describe your character and personality.

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Kiss Whisper Pendulum
Relationship Chart Reading
Are You The One For Me? Let's Find Out.

Discover if your stars are aligned. Dr. Miranda decodes the charts of two individuals using the inter-aspects. Includes a colorful bi-wheel chart with complete interpretations.

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