Unseal Your KISS...

Curious of how a single kiss can change your life? How about two?

There is power in the kiss itself, not just the partner! My grandmother knew this. My mother did too. And now, my life’s mission is to provide others with the clarity of purpose they desire- all from a KISS.

Allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Dr. Anita Miranda, a third-generation clairvoyant with roots steeped in Spanish and Native American culture. It’s been said that I’m basically a modern-day gypsy!

Fascinated by the comfort a goodnight kiss could bring while growing up in the foster care system, I was instantly taken with kiss print readings after having my own lips read and decided to take the process a step further. I started off as a tabletop reader, before creating my kissing booth for events as an entertainer. Little did the attendees know that I was so much more than that! The events were a stepping stone so that I could entertain, heal, affirm, and enlighten guests all under 5 minutes. Due to popular demand, I am proud to present Kiss Whispers, my private practice, offering my full services directly to clients.

I have accurately read thousands of prints using a truly unique combination of forensics, affirmative insight, and emotion. Through my special KISS process, I have helped clients find clarity,  joy, faith, and peace. 

Dr. Miranda

A Blast from the Past

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Why should you work with Dr. Miranda?


After receiving my very own lip print reading 10 years ago, I felt there was so much more to unlocking a “KISS,” so I took it a few steps further. Adding to the forensics I had experienced, I once again heard the whispers reminding me of my intuitive gifts from three generations. I learned how to read the journey, the past to present, and predictions for the future. “Is your past holding you back?” “Are you waiting for life to happen?” and “Is there a true love in your future?” are common questions that I am able to interpret through a KISS.


Lip prints are similar to fingerprints, except fingerprints are static. Lip prints change with education, information, and emotions. I prove this by asking the guest to do one more kiss. They are shocked to see a shift. This is better than truth serum, I am told. Another secret about my Kiss Whispers: I do not tell anyone anything they do not already know. Sometimes it is hidden, forgotten, or asleep. I call this the “Aha Whisper.” When a guest knows exactly what I see in their imprint, you see the “Aha” moment. Tears of relief are most common. My readings give clarity to find joy, love, peace, happiness, direction, decisiveness, forgiveness, and peace. This is my passion project.


Personal readings are delivered instantly with a branded digital card. In the past, event guests would ask to record their session, so they could remember what was covered. However, this prevented them from staying present and connected for their readings. So I created the Digital Imprint card, which allows guests at events to receive the important details of their reading. It was such a success that I decided to incorporate them into private, personal readings as well.

Revealed in a KISS!​

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We will explore the path of your life's journey, examining it from the beginning of your past to the obstacles of the present.


We will affirm what has been holding you back, if your belief and value system is working for you, and how the past is affecting you.


We will create the steps you need to take for an auspicious life . You will walk away with an action plan that is easy to ready and implement.

Mission Statement

Helping clients through divine connections, acknowledge they are the co-creators of their reality, providing them with the tools they need, and gifting an action plan leading to the best life of their design.

Start Your Journey with a KISS!

Kiss Whisper One-on-One
One-on-One Reading
Do You Need Personal And Professional Guidance?

Are you at a crossroads with work, home, or in a new relationship? Do you need guidance about a major decision that’s coming up? Are you sitting on the fence about where to go from here?

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How Compatible Are You And Your Partner?

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Natal Chart Reading
What Is The Significance Of The Day You Were Born?

Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is alignment of the stars at the moment you were born. The symbolism of the planets and their positions describe your character and personality.

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Relationship Chart Reading
Are You The One For Me? Let's Find Out.

Discover if your stars are aligned. Dr. Miranda decodes the charts of two individuals using the inter-aspects. Includes a colorful bi-wheel chart with complete interpretations.

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